Our Team

Akash Jaiswal

Being the founder at Outlay Ventures, he is the one who brings vast experience and in-depth expertise to the table.
He is responsible to make sure everyone on the team is doing the best of themselves. He is capable of sniffing out a company with great potential, and knows how to build a company from the first brick, and is a financial wizard.
Akash holds a management degree from MIT SOM, Pune, and completed his master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Email: akash@outlay.co.in

Gurekta Kaur Bhatia

Gurekta is a corporate lawyer, Before becoming a part of Outlay Ventures, she worked with Surana and Surana International Attorneys, Delhi focusing on corporate and company issues. Having pursued her degree in corporate law, she has now chosen to explore company law as a practice area. Her legal experience acts as a backbone of outlay ventures.

Email: gurekta@outlay.co.in

Mohammed Farhan

Farhan is an accomplished and self-motivated Finance Personnel. He brings passion and deep analytical and research skills to his rule at Outlay Ventures. He’s currently focusing on making investment reports and due diligence with what matches the investment criteria.

Email: farhan@outlay.co.in

Riya Chandan

She has experience in validating Startups from scratch, she the needs of the market and the issues in the funding ecosystem from prototype development in the pre-seed stage, the seed stage, up to the later stage of fundraising.

Email: riya@outlay.co.in

Nishi Tiwari

Nishi is a business enthusiast with skills in profitable business strategizing, project management, design thinking, user experience, branding, and content creation.

Email: nishi@outlay.co.in

Aashni Chheda

Aashni Chheda did her BA in Psychology from Mumbai University, and MSc Developmental Disabilities - University of Nottingham.
At outlay Ventures, she is responsible for managing and handling communications in both directions.
She's self driven and ambitious and is incharge to build relationships with customers and industry professionals.

Email: aashni@outlay.co.in