About Us

Who are we ?

It's not easy for a new or small company to make itself known in the market, or even to just survive. Often, its product/service is strikingly innovative and utterly practical, but even great innovations do not come to light because the company lacks resources and support.

Such a waste!
At Outlay Ventures, we aim to create more partnerships, more funds, and be more driven.

As a venture capital company, together with our angel Investors, we go to great lengths to discover and invest in companies with the potential to succeed. Outlay Ventures is a Startup Investment company that specializes in supporting and funding start-ups that have the potential to be the next giants.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, let’s achieve great things together.!

Our Mission

Our mission is to pair the best startups with the best investors. Outlay Ventures delivers not only capital but also the best-in-class support through our exclusive and experienced partners, experts, and mentors.

Our Vision

We also have services for investors and corporates that want to invest or work with Startups that are promising.